Garden waste collection

In Bracknell Forest, brown bins are for garden waste. You must subscribe and pay for this service.

Garden waste bins and garden waste sacks are collected every 2 weeks.

Put your bin out the night before

Please make sure your bin is out by 6am on your collection day.

We suggest putting it out the night before.

What goes in your brown bin

What you can and cannot put in your garden waste bin
Yes, please No, thank you
grass cuttings animal waste
hedge trimmings branches over 7.5cm (3 inches) wide or over 1.2m (4ft) long
tree trimmings bricks and rubble
leaves flower pots or plant trays
small branches food waste including fruit and vegetables or peelings (including windfall fruit). This can go in your food waste caddy.
small plants glass or metal
weeds soil, turf or stones
flowers tree stumps
chopped up Christmas trees any item that should be in the recycling or general waste bin

Sign up for garden waste collections

Buying a bin

To sign up for garden waste collections, you first need to buy a brown bin.

New brown bins are available in 240L and 140L sizes.

They cost £38 to buy.

Collection charge

You will then need to pay an annual collection charge. This covers 25 collections.

Your service begins once you have paid your annual fee. The renewal date will be one year from that point.

If you receive an income-related benefit, you may qualify for the 50% discount price.

Type of charge

Collection charge

Discounted charge

240L bin collection charge



140L bin collection charge



How to order and pay

Before ordering a garden waste collection, please read our terms and conditions.

You can pay online by credit or debit card.

Order and pay for a new brown bin and collection charge

Subscription renewals

You can renew your garden waste collection subscription online up to 4 weeks before your renewal date.

Renew and pay the collection charge

Renewal reminders are sent by email

Most customers using the brown bin service have access to emails and pay online. Please provide an up to date email address when you make your payment to receive renewal reminders.

If you do not have an email address (or that of someone else who could pass on a message to you) then you may find it helpful to make a note of when your annual subscription is due to be paid.

Update your address details

If you move house, make sure to tell us.

Update your garden waste collection details

Report an issue

To report an issue, such as a missed bin, a broken bin, or a missing bin, please visit our bin issues page.

Report an issue