Meadow management

We deliberately leave areas of long grass in some local greenspaces to encourage a greater diversity of plants, insects and other species.

These meadow areas are cut once a year during late summer, with the hay collected used for a number of purposes including animal feed and fuel. These areas may sometimes look unkempt, but they are important habitat for wildlife including:

  • wildflowers such as the Common Spotted Orchid, Ragged-Robin and Devil’s-Bit Scabious
  • insects such as the Gatekeeper butterfly, bees, grasshoppers, crickets and dragonflies
  • mammals such as Roe Deer and field voles
  • birds such as skylarks, linnets and finches

The areas of shorter mown grass are cut more regularly (every 14 to 28 days) during grass growing season by Continental Landscapes Ltd, who cover the whole of the Bracknell Forest Borough.

Advice about creating your very own wildlife meadows, or wild patches, is available from the RHS and The Wildlife Trusts

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